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Name of the book                       Postbox No. 203 Nalasopara
Language                                   Hindi
Name of the Author                  Chitra Mudgal
Genre                                        Fiction

Main theme of the book          
 This book deals with the issue of categorisation of individuals with sexual handicap into a specially developed category called ’Others’  and not giving them the freedom to choose their gender; not treating them as humans and chasten them to a life of shame and humiliation.
Even after being born in a family they are thrown out, rejected and forgotten. Every minute of their life they are forced to enact the stereotype image that the society has slapped onto them.

Special elements of the Award winning title
This book poses an enquiry into the conditionings of our society which has always scorned and sneered upon the Third Gender.  It raises an important question of why a person with a physical handicap is still accepted with sympathy; while someone with a sexual handicap is snubbed with contempt.
Even after been born in a normal family they never get to be a part of that family. Seen as a bad omen they are happily given away or thrown away.This book questions our actions and age old beliefs that we refuse to part with even in the modern times and deprive them a life of respect and dignity they deserve.

Any unique features
 Very little has been known or written about the people with sexual handicap whom we commonly call the Transgenders. This book holds a mirror to our actions, beliefs and follies of not treating them as humans; who too have desires and longings just like the rest of us.